CENDARI Project Launch | 14 January 2016

CENDARI Launch Invitation-1The launch of CENDARI will take place in Berlin, Germany on 14 January 2016. A highlight of the day will be demonstrations of the Virtual Research Environment, a powerful new tool for digital historical research which has been developed over 4 years of collaboration between humanists, cultural heritage institutions and technical experts.

Please join (virtually!) the launch of the CENDARI project in Berlin
on Thursday 14 Jan 2016.  A link to the webcast will be available on our
website: www.cendari.eu where the event will be streamed from the beautiful
Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

CENDARI is a powerful new toolkit for digital historical research.  The
virtual research infrastructure has been developed over the past 4 years as
a collaboration between historians, cultural heritage institutions and
technical experts.  It will make digital history accessible to a wider
audience and represents a major milestone in digital cultural empowerment.

Highlights of the day’s events will include demonstrations of the new
digital infrastructure, expert panel discussions and keynote addresses from
leading historians Prof. Maciej Górny on “World War One Research in a
Transnational and Digital Age” and Dr Erik Kwakkel on “Something Old,
Something New: Medieval Manuscripts in the Digital Age.”

Participate in the event through social media, especially Twitter,
using the tags @CendariProject and #CendariLaunch where you can comment and
pose questions in real time about this exciting development in digital
historical research.

Full programme available here.

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