DH in Ireland

Ireland is dedicated to maintaining a vibrant, robust digital humanities research community. With investments in and support for digital arts and humanities research by institutions such as the Higher Education Authority (HEA) and the Irish Research Council, Ireland’s commitment to digital scholarship has resulted in a wide range of projects and programs. Major initiatives during the last few years include the Digital Humanities Observatory, the collaborative Digital Arts and Humanities (DAH) PhD program and Ireland’s active participation in DARIAH.

Ireland also offers higher-level educational training in the digital humanities. In addition to the DAH program, three Irish universities (Maynooth University, Trinity College Dublin and University College Cork) provide comprehensive digital humanities Masters degree programs as well as a range of individual modules and workshops. Recently, a new BA has begun at University College Cork – the BA in Digital Humanities and Information Technology.  Additionally, researchers and academics representing a broad spectrum of institutions and organizations contribute to the digital humanities landscape in Ireland, from participation in multinational European projects to the development of localized, Irish-based programs.

To view a selection of Ireland’s active digital humanities projects, please click here.